Nick carter dating kathy griffin Srbian chat seks

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KING: -- did he -- GRIFFIN: Well, it's not -- it's not much.

KING: When you date someone much younger than you -- GRIFFIN: Yes? GRIFFIN: His mom, who he probably lives with in the basement.

I think women do themselves a disservice when they say oh, dating, I hate it.

I think worst case scenario, you get to know a new person, a few hours, big deal.

Now what's it like in the commercial break with Liz Taylor?

GRIFFIN: Is there like any oxygen or a tank -- KING: No.

And it turns out that Nick didn't want to be photographed because he's -- yes, I know.

I just did it to be on TMZ and be in the paparazzi.

And, yes -- KING: Are you really into fooling around now that you're single?

I'll bet -- GRIFFIN: You don't even know him, Larry.

If I can reach him through an intermediary -- GRIFFIN: You tell him I'm -- KING: -- what would a date with Al Pacino be like?

All that and much more, including your calls with Kathy Griffin, next on LARRY KING LIVE. She'll appear tomorrow night at the huge Universal Amphitheater here in Los Angeles. GRIFFIN: I'm sluttier than I ever thought I would be.

She's become a major figure on the American comedy scene.

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