Nadech and yaya dating

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The host mentions that despite all of the work that Nadech accumulates or negative things that occur from them, he appears to be the kind of person who always embraces happiness, or he finds happiness amidst any tribulations. Nadech says that he has a good support system at home, his parents and fans keep him grounded and motivated. As for Yaya, she has become more of a grownup and understands responsibilities.Especially for a person her age, she has been able to expand her horizon and travel, see and experience different things.Yaya adds that he’s one of a kind and she leans over and tells him that she’s not just buttering him up. Yaya explains that she sees her P’Nadech almost everyday, more than she sees her friends or some family members. Nadech agrees, that is why they take care of each other (there’s that word again.) And they like the way things are right now, Chompoo whispers ‘love love’ and the other host wants to know what that means- where has their closeness taken them?Nadech nods shyly while his ears turn red, a good indication of a humble man who’s unsure of how to take the compliment? The host pipes in that her life revolves around Nadech. Not to the level of being boyfriend-girlfriend, Nadech responds.They do confide in each other, but moreso than that, they are confidants.

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Yaya says it’s changed for the better (hee) because in this world, there’s no man out there like this man (touches Nadech’s shoulder.) The crowd squeals.As if that is not enough, Yaya says that sometimes, no matter how far apart they are, or no matter how many days are gone before they could see each other again, when they see each other again, things are always the same. That’s why they don’t have a line and they prefer to keep it that way.The host reads a question from one of their fans on IG, when are they going to come out as a couple? Nadech says that there is nothing to hide because things aren’t clear and defined in their relationship.The duo entered the entertainment industry at a young age, how have their lives changed?Nadech replies that his life has changed quite a bit: for one he has matured and has many good things around him now.

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