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Producers are seeking the following types: Looking for males and...

VH1 promo is now casting call for stand-ins in Atlanta, Georgia.

As the show progressed the men were instructed to pick up women of varying levels of difficulty, such as in the second to last challenge of the first season where the men had to pick up a stripper, described by Mystery as "the ultimate challenge." Viewer ratings picked up by the season's end, resulting in the series being picked up for a second season. Runner-up contestant Brady Sprunger was characterized as a shy photographer, but he had been working for a modeling agency, the Los Angeles-based Action Agency, for five full years prior to the show's taping.

Critical reception for the series was mixed, with The A.

The show was hosted by pickup artist Mystery (Erik von Markovik) and his wings J-Dog (Justin Marks) and James Matador, with Tara Ferguson replacing J-Dog in season 2.

The first season featured eight male contestants that had previously been unsuccessful in love and relationships.

The New York Times published Strauss'early writings on the PUA culture and in 2007 sent one of its reporters to a club with a pickup student.

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Over a period of trial and error of more than ten years, "and many, many mistakes," Mystery created what is now known as the 'Mystery Method' or the 'Venusian Arts'.

(The Mystery Method Corporation continued without him, and has since changed its name to Love Systems).

Mystery's current venture is a company called "3 Second Rule", named after a Mystery Method rule whereby the student pickup artist must approach a set of people within 3 seconds of first noticing them.

Casting directors are now casting actors, models, and talent to work on scenes filming on Thursday and Friday of this week in Atlanta, Georgia.

premieres next week, bringing with it a whole other world of reality TV dating.

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