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that I tried.” He won’t face judgment sneaking home, whereas she can tick off at least three family members who’ll notice when she sneaks in after hours.

It’s not just the kinfolk but a nation of suspicious minds there at the door, waiting to sniff the cigarettes, booze and boys on her breath.

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(Shocking fact: it was written for that purpose years before it made its debut in the film “Neptune’s Daughter” and won the best original song Oscar as a result.

that is, a time before “Elf.” If you look at a list of covers of the song, it was the hypersexual bee’s knees from its Oscar-winning genesis in 1949 through the early ‘60s, then virtually disappeared off singers’ radar until it was rediscovered in the 1990s; the song really took off with modern audiences in 2003 when Zooey Deschanel and Will Ferrell had a bathroom meet-cute over it.

And then came the awful deluge of modern performers who have no business going near a Frank Loesser lyric… As soon as I heard Jessica Simpson’s and Nick Lachey’s witless and passionless take on it in 2004, I felt sure that both the song and their marriage were over. Another reason for barring it from the airwaves, at least for the month of December: It’s not actually a Christmas song. It’s in the same category as “Winter Weather” and other songs that center around, you know, winter weather without ever invoking a holiday — shoehorned into the genre by virtue of mentioning a nip in the air by all those AC stations needing to fill five weeks of all-Xmas airtime when they flip the day after Thanksgiving.

"If you didn't know it was Madonna, you might think it was Ariana Grande or Alessia Cara," says WWLI Providence, Rhode Island, program director Emily Boldon of "Crave." Notably, Interscope Records has serviced a Madonna-only edit of the song to adult radio. Madonna has reinvented her sound yet again." "'Crave' sounds great on the air," Boldon echoes.

"About half [of Cumulus] stations playing it are playing the duet version with Swae Lee, which, even for AC, is a hooky rap," Boldon muses.

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