Most intimidating looking cars

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Typically what happens is a dealer starts the sales pitch, and the customer says, “I’m just looking.” But the customer usually isn’t “just looking”—they probably want to buy.“They just don’t want the dealer to know,” says Simon, “because they don’t want to have to deal with the hard sell.” Buying a car is a big decision, so never make a purchase simply because you feel pressure from an overaggressive sales guy.Simon adds that upfront pricing is a good way for dealers to deal with this tension. A lot of people don’t want to have to go back and forth with a salesman and then do the same with a manager.” With upfront pricing, the customer’s job is simple: Do some research, know the price, and buy the car or walk away.When a salesman pops the question, “What kind of payment are you looking for?Here are eight of the most embarrassing, least intimidating cop cars to be stopped by. Particularly the West Midlands Police, who have no less than 30 all-electric Nissan Leafs, which has no doubt led to the immortal Brummy words: “Oh noo boss, I forgot to charge up the batteries” at the start of a shift. A fleet of 41 scooters is patrolling the mean streets, so next time you hear the sound of a lawnmower approaching, it might not be a 16-year-old Lothario, but the boys in blue. Hopefully the Hyundai i10 isn’t used for responding to emergencies, or the criminals will be half way across the channel. It’s economical, easy to manoeuvre at the nick and surprisingly spacious for even a lardy felon in the back.When fully juiced, the LEAF has a reasonable turn of speed, hitting 62mph in a supermini-worrying 11.9 seconds and going on to a V-MAX of 90mph. Perhaps there’s not too much crime in Cambridgeshire, where i10s can be seen looking for tipsy students carrying road signs. If you are in Warwickshire, you could find yourself being handcuffed over the bonnet of this Italian Stallion.

“If you’re focused on payment, they will stretch the term as far as possible to get you a ‘payment’ you’re happy with, even though you’ve overpaid on the car,” says Simon.

to the upcoming crop of ultra-realistic car racing simulators, there’s no denying that car racing has become a keystone genre in the world of video games.

This fall, both of the heavyweights in the car racing video game industry will unleash their latest body blows, building on over thirty years of lessons (and cautionary tales) of their predecessors: thought it was a perfect opportunity to compile a list of the best car racing games that have graced everything from the Play Station 4 to Windows 98 to the seedy, near-forgotten arcade that’s somehow still holding on in town.

And it’s the first sign that you should probably hop right back into your car and go find another dealer.

“The biggest thing to watch out for with used car dealers is people who are more concerned with selling you a car than finding out the specifics of your situation,” says Simon Lawrence, a used car dealer in Nashville.

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