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Later in the chapter, Mary-Beth can be seen conversing with Tilly Jackson, expressing her grief by telling her that she "can't get over" Molly's death and that she was simply a fool in love who "would say anything".

It was later revealed by Agent Milton that the rat was in fact not Molly, but Micah, who was feeding information to the Pinkertons.

She also believes that they disregard her; this is evident in the way both Dutch, Arthur and Uncle do during her only appearances in cutscenes.

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Molly is considered stuck-up and entitled by Karen, and it's likely the other women at camp feel the same.Immediately after re-locating to Beaver Hollow, Uncle returns with a drunk Molly, who he allegedly found in Saint Denis.Molly begins to rant about Dutch ignoring her, stating that she loved him, and sarcastically calling him "the Lord God almighty", among other things.Also, due to being busy, Dutch continually ignores her, brushing her off whenever she wishes to speak to him, causing her to become increasingly unhappy.While some of the gang are in Guarma, she disappears for a lengthy period of time, with many saying that they haven’t seen her.

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