Microsoft publisher updating a website

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For example, you see animations in Excel when you scroll through a worksheet on one computer, but you do not see the same animations on another computer.

Additionally, you may experience one or more of the following symptoms that reduce the functionality of an Office program: You may experience these symptoms if you have a video configuration on your computer that is incompatible with the Office feature set that is responsible for displaying the application and for animations in the application.

Though it's rarely used in a professional capacity, Publisher remains a surprisingly capable desktop publishing application.

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This includes relying on hardware acceleration, which is managed through the operating system.If you do not find an updated video driver for your computer through Windows Update and must have the latest driver for your video card, go to the support or download section of your video card manufacturer's website for information about how to download and install the newest driver.By default, hardware acceleration is automatically disabled in Office programs if certain video card and video card driver combinations are detected when you start an Office program.Go to step 2 if updating the video driver does not fix the problems.Note Video card manufacturers frequently release updates to their drivers to improve performance or to fix compatibility issues with new programs.

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