Maryse dating ted dibiase

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After the date, Cody decided to accompany Kelly Kelly home."I had so much fun on our date today Cody." Kelly Kelly said. ""Anything for you Kelly Kelly." Cody smiled as he kissed her lips before walking back home. She was wearing a pink dress and had her hair tied up. " Maryse joins Ted as she was accompanied to the car. They entered the house where his family was waiting for them."Hey Son! was happy to see his son and his future daughter-in-law. Ted's brothers Mike and Brett greeted their future sister-in-law."Hi Maryse! Its really true that you are such a wonderful person." Ted's father complimented her."Thanks..." Maryse was shy."I am sure that you will be my future daughter-in-law, I know how much you mean to my son." His father smiled. ""So much for that the food lets prepare it in the dining room." Mike prepares the food going to the dining room. He called Ted, Maryse and their dad to gather in the dining room to eat but Ted Di Biase Sr. " Maryse asked."Me together with Brett." Mike replied. ""One question for our future sister-in-law." Brett smirked at Mike. "Maryse and Ted were staring at each other when they heard the interrogation of Brett. Maryse felt that she is very welcome to the Di Biase family. The day she met Ted's family is the day that she will never forget. Ted accompanied Maryse to his car and drove all the way to his girl's house."I'm so glad that you introduced me to your family. Thanks a lot Ted." Maryse smiled as she kissed Ted's lips and he responded. They decided to shop for those because of more tours with the WWE. " Kelly Kelly smiled back as she went back to her house. /Maryse Maryse was still at home preparing for the day when she meets the Di Biase family. She's the girl I am always talking about." Ted introduces her to his brothers. you are great friends with our brother and now I feel that there's something special between the two of you.""I am now sure that you are the one Ted is looking for. Hopefully I can meet her one day." Maryse smiled."You know Maryse, you are always mentioned by my son. "He's the type of guy who will do everything for the people he love."They continued to talk about anything while eating. Bateman will have 20 seconds, everyone will have 30. Anyone who can score higher than Finkel gets additional Immunity points. Matthews blames Striker's slow reading for the low number. - Derrick Bateman cuts a quick cheap pop promo, then to the questions. Di Biase finally gets control, trying to pin Bryan, who bridges out.The camera and announcers are focused mostly on Maryse, not the match. Maryse felt so happy because she met her future family. perspective report January 25, 2011 Cincinnati, Ohio Report by Justin James, PWTorch Contributor [Q1] The show opens with Todd Grisham recapping Conor O'Brien's elimination last week and then throwing to Striker and the Rookies in the ring. I see Brodus Clay winning this and dumping Di Biase for Ziggler.

The first Rookie challenge is "Out-think the Fink," a trivia challenge. Daniel Bryan berates Striker for taking too long to read the questions. Saxton resembles The Rock in his facial expressions sometimes. Grisham says "they're all losers." [c] Royal Rumble ad, plug for the "Greatest Rumble Moments" feature. Back in the ring, Bryan is still in control with some nasty-looking arm bars.A/N: Thanks to Cro009 for the review and adding the story to the favorites... He remembered the voice message Stacy left yesterday. " Randy was annoyed because its too early for John to call him. ""Randy have you heard of the news of the two divas returning to the WWE? They were reviewing the answers for the challenge last week.Bryan was a bit doubtful at first, but Bateman blew it off saying, "This is NXT." Back in the ring, Bateman will be penalized, and Daniel Bryan objects. champion DANIEL BRYAN w/Derick Bateman There's a video recap of the Bella Twins finding out about Gail Kim's relationship with Bryan from Monday night's Raw during the ring entrances.

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