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On the surface, this personality type is purely logical.

They may even appear cold to a potential romantic partner, upon first impressions.

Peel back the layers of an ISTP, however, and you will find a joyful and spontaneous soul.

The ISTP may spend Monday drawing up a household budget, and filling in their tax return six months early.

Check out our brand-new guide to love & relationship compatibility between each and every persona below.

You’ll soon know if it’s worth hanging your hopes on a long and happy union, or whether you should renew your Tinder membership.

An ISTJ could be a hugely appealing partner or a terrifying one.

More ENFJ personality type An ISTP is, as a wise man once said, like a box of chocolates – you never know what you’re going to get.An INFJ likes to see the world the way they feel it should or could be, rather than how it is.This means that you’ll have to be the supposed bad guy occasionally, regardless of whether you consider this to be fair An INFJ is not necessarily one the world’s great doers, but they are very deep thinkers.You can trust an ENFJ partner to always think of you, and to value your views and needs at least as highly as their own.ENFJs can frustrate some partners, however, with their abstract thinking.

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