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Indeed, Benson asserts that the accomplishments of the Moche are comparable to those of their Mesoamerica contemporaries, the Maya, which makes them one of the most advanced civilizations of pre-Columbian America. Benson has published numerous articles, monographs, and catalogue descriptions on the Moche.

For many years, she worked with the Robert Woods Bliss Collection of Pre-Columbian Art, first at the National Gallery of Art and then at Dumbarton Oaks, where she installed the collection and established the pre-Columbian publication and fellowship programs.

In the coastal desert the sand is sometimes windblown into sculptural forms.

Hills and mountains that rise from the sands are bare, but scrub growth may dot the pale valleys.

One of the world’s leading authorities presents a major overview of the Moche, one of pre-Columbian America’s greatest civilizations, renowned for its monumental architecture, metalwork, ceramics, and textiles.

The Moche, or Mochica, created an extraordinary civilization on the north coast of Peru for most of the first millennium AD.

She demonstrates that the Moche expressed, with symbolic language in metal and clay, what cultures in other parts of the world presented in writing.The Peruvian Andes rise steeply to snow-capped peaks not far south of the Equator and within a short distance from the sea.East of the mountains lie the lush rain forests of the Amazon Basin.During winter (July-August), certain areas of the coast, especially upper slopes (250–800 m) near the sea, are enveloped by sea fogs that precipitate enough moisture to sustain seasonal plants; in very moist years these lomas support cultivated crops.In the past, guanacos—wild camelids, relatives of the llama—grazed and were hunted on lomas.

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