Jennifer aniston dating history

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Their divorce was finalised on 2 October that year.

Brad was pictured with Angelina just three months after his split from Jennifer, with press speculation suggesting he had been unfaithful to Jen while filming Mr & Mrs Smith with Jolie. Also at the time, it has been reported that they split due to Jennifer’s unwillingness to have children with Brad.

Aniston recalled their relationship in a 2015 interview with the New York Times in which she described him as her soulmate but said he was an ‘unappreciated boyfriend”.

Lisa [Kudrow] and Courteney [Cox] and Jen are really close and have encouraged her to date and get out there.” Also, the source added that Jennifer still talks to Brad, which we kind of already knew since he went to her 50th birthday party last year, but this is still huge considering their rocky past.

Unfortunately for anyone hoping for news that they romantically reconnected, the source only said, “She continues to stay in touch with Brad and they occasionally talk.

Gossip Cop checked in with a rep qualified to speak on Aniston’s behalf, and we’re assured she isn’t dating either of her exes. That bogus report even included a section about the musician asking Pitt for permission to date the actress because he had heard a rumor they were “getting back together.” That entire narrative was also dismissed by Aniston’s spokesperson.

Despite what the magazine’s anonymous “insider” claims, the actress’s spokesperson tells us on the record that she hasn’t rekindled a romance with either Pitt or Mayer. Separate reps for both stars assured they never took a trip together following their brief reunion at her party. This latest article is attempting to combine both storylines and create a crazy love triangle between Aniston and her two exes. The actress is on friendly terms with both Pitt and Mayer, but she’s not dating either of them again. "Brad Pitt, Jennifer Aniston Vacationed In Cabo After Her Birthday?

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