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In the exact moment that he did, however, viewers of the Hamas-run television station Al-Aqsa TV were also watching him in Gaza.That’s because on July 12, as on so many other nights of this nearly month-long conflict between Israel and Gaza, Al-Aqsa was carrying Channel 2 live on air.Hamas had never issued warnings before firing missiles at Israel.So Ehud Yaari, the Israeli television journalist who is a fixture on the nation’s Channel 2 news, broke immediately from his regular coverage and reported the threat.When Hamas was prepping the first-ever video of Gilad Shalit, the former IDF soldier who was captured in a cross-border raid in 2006 and held in captivity for five years, Channel 2 got wind of the video days before it was due to be released to the Israeli government. They had a raw version, without graphics, and it wasn’t ready for release,” Yaari says now.“We broke the story—it was such big news, the first video of the abducted soldier—and they were stunned …

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The libel suit is on its way.” Later Wednesday Barak was expected to address the report during a conference of his Israel Democratic Party.

JERUSALEM – Former Israeli premier Ehud Barak, who is challenging Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu in upcoming elections, vowed to fight back Wednesday after criticism over his ties to disgraced US financier Jeffrey Epstein.

Barak, who recently returned to politics ahead of September 17 elections as a fierce Netanyahu critic, has been the subject of reports highlighting his business ties with Epstein, who has been charged with sex trafficking of minors in the United States.

The news broadcasts—a fun-house mirror of Israeli television showing Palestinian television showing Israeli television—sometimes offer the only window into the reality of life on the other side. ” he said in Arabic into the camera, moments after announcing the Hamas threat on Tel Aviv. “There can be no dialogue between Palestinians and the Zionist occupier,” he responded in Arabic.

Occasionally, the voyeurism becomes even more surreal. Despite the snub, Al-Aqsa didn’t cut away from the Israeli station.

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