Is nelly the rapper still dating ashanti

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The 37-year-old also opened up about what she really thought of that infamous Beyonce review back in 2003 and how she whipped herself into1. ' So [Miranda] was really emotional just seeing both of us," she continued. It really was such a moving experience because for him to say that we inspired the play is crazy." But don't expect to see Ashanti, who previously played Dorothy in , to return to Broadway anytime soon. "It wasn't supposed to be happening, but it was happening. People started to know because there were a bunch of roses being delivered to my room." 4. Now, she reveals that Lopez nearly recorded another one of her favorite songs: "Rescue," from her debut album. Patti La Belle saved her from a wardrobe malfunction at the GRAMMYs.Have Ashanti and Ja Rule ever taken their relationship beyond the friend zone? "I remember at the time the CEO of my label was trying to make me give it to J. "She came up to my singing 'Always on Time,' she gave me a hug and then she came up to me, 'Oh, girl, your thing is out!Apparently, that day has come for Nelly and his pops. Louis rapper/actor has just pretty much told his daddy that he’s ‘going down, down baby’ after what he’s just done with Nelly’s ex/singer, Ashanti.As most of us already know, Nelly and Ashanti dated for many years on the low.' And she lifted it up and she's like, 'Oh, come on. She and ex Nelly don't talk -- but his parents still text her. They always say to let them know when I'm gonna be on TV." 10. Ashanti steals the show in the ad for Diddy and French Montana's new Ciroc French Vanilla flavor, emerging from a pool in nothing but a glittering string bikini.

The 38-year-old rapper and the 32-year-old singer had been dating for almost a decade, but never really confirmed the relationship despite constantly being photographed together.Word on the street is Ashanti has officially been kicked to the curb for being a lying cheating no good slore!A trusted source has confirmed the breakup to BOSSIP exclusively.They seemed inseparable actually, until suddenly one day they just split and the public never saw them together again.Word on the Old School curb is that the breakup was over something Ashanti allegedly did to Nelly during their relationship, but since they’ve never confirmed that, we won’t divulge any further details and/or allegations about it.

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