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It’s a loose confederation, says Walker, with churches geographically scattered in places including Louisiana, Indiana and Arizona.Branham is extolled as an apostle himself, practically a god, in these churches.” As for the black man who has children with a white woman: “He don’t want them to look like him, so he’ll marry with another.” Lest this sound racist, Reagan adds helpfully, “Some of the finest people I ever met in my life was some of them colored people.” But this sermon isn’t from the bad old times; it was recorded just last year in Reagan’s 600-member Johnson City, Tenn., church. They may not all embrace the racial separation extolled by Reagan, but the Branham theology invites racism, says James Walker, president of The Watchman Fellowship, an Arlington, Texas, evangelical ministry that researches cults and new religious movements. He preached that original sin stemmed not from Eve biting the fruit and gaining knowledge but, instead, from her sexual intercourse with the serpent, which resulted in the birth of Cain.What’s more, the pastor is not unique in translating the theology of William Branham, a breakaway Pentecostal religious leader, into a “no-exceptions” Biblical ban on interracial marriage. This led, through the bloodline of Cain, Noah and Ham, to a race of human beings who were descended from the evil serpent. Actually, Branham never quite said, notes Walker, author of The Concise Guide to Today’s Religions and Spirituality (Harvest House).Joseph is one of the many sons of Jacob (renamed Israel).Brothers who are envious of him sell him into slavery at an early age.People of color, in this twisted interpretation of the Bible, are soulless beings made by God on the sixth day as “beasts of the field.” Adam’s descendants? “Christian Identity has it all worked out who’s the lower people. But most of Branham’s modern adherents certainly believe that miscegenation is a sin decreed by God.

God not only allowed and accepted Joseph's interracial marriage, he also had Jacob perform a unique ceremony that made them the chief representatives of the family named Israel (see Genesis 48)!Branham’s theology, alive as it still is today, also was a precursor of the virulently racist and anti-Semitic Christian Identity theology, suggests Michael Barkun, an emeritus political science professor at Syracuse University and author of Religion and the Racist Right: The Origins of the Christian Identity Movement (University of North Carolina Press).Most Christian Identity followers also posit that Eve mated with Satan, starting, through the birth of her first son Cain, the line of biologically Satanic people who today call themselves the Jews.It was to this mass of people that God gave instructions some have mistakenly used as "proof text" to show that interracial relationships are a sin.The 34th chapter of Exodus delineates the creation of a second set of stone tablets containing the Ten Commandments.

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