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Still, friends say they worried about his inability to turn off his manic energy and sleep, a problem that plagued the actor for years.“He’d sleep either zero or two hours a night for years,” says Murray., and tonight, she has been nominated for Best Supporting Actress in a Motion Picture for the critically-acclaimed movie. Axk A8le HC K4JQr — Variety (@Variety) January 7, 2017, in 2004, and on October 28, 2005, the couple gave birth to their daughter, Matilda Rose Ledger.The beautiful blonde will undoubtedly stun on tonight’s red carpet, and her presence at the 2017 Golden Globes will certainly have people wondering about her relationship status. According to People, the couple split amicably after three years together in 2007.“This is definitely more the truth than anything else that’s out there,” says Amato, who insisted on getting Ledger’s ex Michelle Williams’ blessing (if not participation) for the project. Matilda [their daughter] is curious.’ “My only reservation,” he says, “is that, is it as big and beautiful and full of spirit as Heath was?

Which was kind of a lucky thing.” Ledger made his good friends early and stuck with them, the documentary shows; he also used his fame and fortune to help fellow Aussie actors, whom he’d invite to crash at his mansion indefinitely (to the palpable annoyance of Watts, in one clip).

Tall, blond and surf-buffed, just barely out of boyhood but already a TV star at home, Ledger hitched a ride from Australia on the arm of an alluring older woman and quickly made his big-screen debut at 19 as the bad-boy heartthrob in 1999’s “Ten Things I Hate About You.” The role was catnip for commodification, a potential trap that in less searching hands could have consigned Ledger to a career as the pot of gold at the end of every rom-com rainbow Hollywood plotted over the next decade.

By the time of his abrupt departure, though, Ledger was something else entirely.

All attest to Ledger’s lust for life and his obsession with bettering himself as an artist, usually by turning his camera on himself.

In one clip, the by-now-recognizable Ledger makes up a plot about searching for a mysterious figure in and around his hotel.

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