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While it wasn't to be for the pair as romance didn't blossom, especially after Alexi said he'd rather be off with his friends than with Cali, but there was another twist in this story.

As the pair were ready to get up and leave, host Paul O'Grady called in another guest to join the pair on the couch.

This is the problem I have encountered with English men in London particularly – they are too polite. If the English stiff upper lip bothers you too, pay a visit to The Swan. The notion of one true love is charming really, but we live in different times now, times full of choices.

Just count how many types of hummus your local supermarket has - the generations before us never had that type of choice so they married the geezer from down the road.

You do not need a chaperone, you do not need to know about their ex-girlfriends, you do not need to debrief your friend if the two of you go on a date. For this reason, you should never ever agree to go on a date with anyone who has only posted one picture on their profile.

It was revealed that Barry and Cali had started to get close themselves, with Cali explaining: "Me and Barry started talking.

We bumped into each other in the corridor." And it seems things escalated from there, which isn't surprising considering Barry's own date didn't seem to go that well at all...

Try and avoid those ones, unless you are a trained psychologist.

A sweeping generalisation I know, but some English men seem to be lacking what I call 'the throwdown' (see an urban dictionary if you must). Far from lamenting the death of a dream, the non-existence of Mr/Mrs Right is good news. Because it means there is no such thing as Mr/Mrs Wrong either.

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