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Some devices may have issues reading these files, but JPEG conversions are fairly painless, though you may need some conversion software if you're a Windows user.The i Phone X's telephoto lens allows you a different framing relative to the standard lens without the image quality penalty of a digital zoom.Optimally, it should cut down on JPEG file sizes by half, while not impacting image quality.More importantly, it allows for 10-bit image capture in the P3 color space with HDR gamma curves - which allows for colors, contrast and tonality (particularly in smooth skies and gradations) far beyond the s RGB space we're accustomed to.

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But if you want the absolute best image quality the i Phone has to offer, it's best to shoot DNG Raw files using a third party app, such as Lightroom CC, VSCO or Camera .

This display is also capable of true HDR display, and is capable of impressive brightness; basically, your images and videos will show brighter whites and deeper blacks (without clipping them) and midtones will remain detailed and contrasty.

The i Phone X's camera operation is fairly straightforward.

The 5.85" OLED display Apple's included on the i Phone X is generally fantastic.

While viewing angles aren't super impressive, just about everything else is; color, resolution, and contrast.

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