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But, my friends and I all kind of found out at the same time that we all had Ok Cupid profiles (something we'd all been a little embarrassed to admit to). I joined a matchmaking site in New York City called The Dating Ring.

So we all got a little drunk one night, hooked a computer up to a projector, and critiqued each other's profiles. The thought of having your own matchmaker just seemed so neat, but I've never felt worse than I did on these dates because I realized we're all a bunch of shallow jerks.

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I met two men as part of this service and both were duds.

One was very condescending to me and the other was not quite over his ex-wife. I'm working on a book about modern romance and wanted to reach out to the reddit community to share their experiences.

The coach was a cool dude who only worked with people who wanted real relationships, not just a one night stand.

The coaching worked for a while and my friend actually began dating this girl, but when his coaches love life fell apart unfortunately his did as well.

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