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White difference in initiating online participation, but not the Black vs. Future online HIV prevention interventions recruiting diverse YMSM should focus on initiating online engagement among Black participants.

HIV continues to affect men who have sex with men (MSM) disproportionately in the U. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) estimate that although MSM account for only 4% of the population, they represent 53% of new HIV infections annually, and 53% of total HIV infections in 2006 [1].

Fewer Black and Latino YMSM completed step two – initiating online participation – than White YMSM.

Internet use frequency accounted for the Latino vs.

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The intersection of these at-risk groups, Black YMSM, is arguably most vulnerable to contracting and spreading HIV.

In a 2008 CDC survey of MSM in 21 cities, Black YMSM (16.6%) were more than twice as likely to be HIV positive than Hispanic (6.9%) and White (5.8 – 6.6%). Further, approximately 70% of these HIV positive Black YMSM were unaware of their HIV infection [2].

Increasingly, the Internet is being harnessed as an efficient delivery system for HIV prevention interventions [5].

Further, the Internet is an effective tool to access and recruit MSM for research purposes [6].

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