Infrared wireless port when updating

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Other times you have a specific question regarding a product, shipping method, or your order. Please refrain from spam, we only log this information to our database for 24-hours and then it's gone. I have a photoionization detector that couldn't be used to it's fullest capabilities without an IR device, which allowed it to communicate with the computer software for downloading data and programming the device. The Fast Ir DA (FIR) adapter offers minimal power consumption and is backward compatible with MIR and SIR Infrared devices, delivering data transfer speeds of up to 4Mbps (using FIR-Ir DA) between an IR device and the computer.

Tekram Technology Infrared Serial (COM) Connections Port drivers are tiny programs that enable your Infrared hardware to communicate with your operating system software.

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USB Ir DA infrared adapter for Windows 10, 7, XP, and Vista.

The wireless infrared adapter integrates peripheral devices such as digital camera, hand scanner, Cell Phones, PDA, and laptops, all through a great portable peripheral. Adapter delivers cost-effective infrared solution for file transfers between a USB-enabled desktop or laptop computer and an Ir DA device.

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