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Formed through a combination of volcanic and tectonic activity and heavily forested, for thousands of years inhabitants of the Fijian islands have relied on the resources of the forest and ocean for survival and prosperity.

Oils extracted from the leaves, branches, and nuts of Fiji’s flora are one such resource that has played an important role in the country’s communities.

The country’s remoteness is also a major reason that leads to the diverse and unique properties of its flora.

One way in which trees, shrubs, and other plant species arrive to Fiji is via the ocean currents.

Pure Fiji is one company, however, that has been able to tap into this traditional knowledge, imbue it with modern techniques, and utilize natural ingredients to develop Fijian products that can be appreciated throughout the world. Austin and her daughter Andree, who recently returned to Fiji after working at a hotel chain in the United States of America (USA), were brainstorming ways in which she could continue to support her family after her husband’s recent passing.Surrounded by the ocean and tropical forests, Fijians also have a rich history of traditional knowledge of harnessing local resources for food and medicinal purposes.Should a drought occur, people know the appropriate trees and leaves to tap into for water.The climate, geography, and remoteness of Fiji have thereby served to create a country filled with unique and diverse flora.Coconut and a variety of pine trees (such as the casurina pine that reaches 20 meters high) dot the beaches of the islands while rainforests make up the interior.

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