Htc touch trouble with updating software

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It may sound as though the other caller is whispering or leave you wondering whether they’ve hung up.This seems to be an issue even if the volume is turned up to maximum.Workarounds: Apparently a few HTC One M8 units have been booting into safe mode straight out of the box.You’ll know if yours is one of them because it will say “Safe mode” at the bottom left of the screen.A fair number of HTC One M8 owners have reported an error message that occasionally displays on their phone that the SIM card has not been detected properly.This error often pops up at random and has been known to arise multiple times over the course of use with no real rhyme or reason.Workarounds: One of the features that HTC trotted out in its announcement of the One M8 was an Extreme Power Saving mode.The mode would send the phone into an almost hibernation stage, only allowing through the most minimal of information and allowing the phone to stay alive for 15 hours on just 5 percent battery life. carriers are shipping a version of the smartphone that is running an earlier software version than the one with Extreme Power Saving.

This is actually a common problem with smartphones and it’s usually easy to fix.

Those who has mentioned the problem have not noticed a pattern in usage to cause such an occurrence.

The phone simply reboots on occasion without any prompting.

Like all smartphones, it has its share of problems.

We’ve found some of the most common issues with the HTC One M8 and have provided some possible solutions for you to try should you run into them.

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