Harry potter dating quiz

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Their version of I love you: Enchanting a temporary tattoo in the likeness of your face on his butt and flashing you on the reg. "How you'd spend quality time together: Going to strange, exotic places to find rare ingredients for Weasleys' Wizard Wheezes; shoving your heads into unsuspecting friends' fireplaces unannounced whenever you get drunk.What you'd fight about: You pranked him by calling him Fred in bed and it was the one time he didn't find it so ~hilarious~; he left Peruvian Darkness Powder laying out in the kitchen and you'll never get your cookies out of the oven now, dammit.Where you'd get married: An abandoned castle magicked to its original splendor.

Their version of I love you: Quietly leaving out your favorite snack on the table when you come home from work late. Where you'd go on your first date: An after work Happy Hour in Diagon Alley with your fellow Aurors that turns into a little something ~more~.

your life came crashing down around you, because you realized that it was actually over.

Seven years later (WTF), I know you're still deep into those HP feels, so take this Harry Potter trivia quiz to see how much you remember.

Their version of I love you: She aims her broom straight for your regular spot on the sidelines after every game to crash-hug you, whether she wins or loses. How you'd spend quality time together: Experimenting somewhat recklessly with new ideas for Weasleys' Wizard Wheezes, using each other as test subjects; discovering the magic of viral prank videos by Muggles.

What you'd fight about: He Polyjuice Potion'd himself as Snape and scared the life out of you; you replaced his wand with one of his own trick wands and he took it all the way to work. Where you'd go on your first date: A Muggle movie with a bunch of special effects, where he intermittently exclaims, "OH MY GOD, IT'S JUST LIKE MAGIC!

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