Harrison richardson serial number dating

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The 16 gauge chamber is just large enough to be able to jam a 20 gauge shell in the 16 gauge chamber. When transporting your shotgun to a competent gunsmith, exercise a great deal of safety. Please post detailed pictures of both sides of the complete receiver area, both sides of the gun and READABLE, close-ups of ALL markings, including patent dates for identification and evaluation.Bob: There were three different models that could be stamped with the February 27, 1900 patent date and a letter "A" prefix to the serial number. Paul: Your shotgun is a Model 1908 made in the period 1909-1930. The marking die for the model was either very worn, broken or improperly applied.

The first was the Model 1900 made in the period 1901-1916, the second was the Model 1905 made in the period 1905-1916 and the third was the Model 1908 made in the period 1909-1930. Due to the softness of the "Semi-Steel" used in the frame and the wear on the removable hinge pin, neither the Model 1900 and the Model 1905 are considered safe to use with modern ammunition.

If the pistol grip on your shotgun has a rounded bottom, it is a First Variation made in the period 1909-1922.

If the pistol grip has a flat bottom, it is a Second Variation made in the period 1922-1930.

The Blue Book of Used Gun Values offers serial numbers for the following makers: AYA, Boss & Co., Ltd, Browning, EJ Churchill, Colt, Colt Black Powder 2nd Gen, John Dickson & Son, AH Fox, German early Date Codes, German Modern Date Codes, Stephen Grant, WW Greener, Harrington & Richardson, High Standard, Holland & Holland, Italian Year of Mfg.

Date Codes, Ithaca Gun Co., Charles Lancaster, Joseph Lang, Marlin Firearms, Mauser Broomhandles, Parker Brothers Shotguns, Piotti, James Purdey, Remington Date Code & Sx S Shotguns, Savage/Stevens, LC Smith, Smith & Wesson, Spanish Year of Mfg.

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