Gemini woman dating leo man

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If you look for a boyfriend who seems chivalrous and a bit old-fashioned, then this guy is an ideal option.

In marriage, he makes a faithful, loving husband and a supportive, caring father as well.

He naturally craves power and attention and can’t help wanting to be in the limelight wherever he goes.

Known for the leadership, the Leo male is a reliable partner to ask for advice and solutions; in addition, he is also protective towards someone he loves.

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Though the Leo male knows about his stubbornness deep inside, his big pride won’t let him accept it.When being in a romantic relationship, he wants to be embraced with a lot of consideration and affection because this guy tends to be the center in everything.He often appears as a passionate and intense person; however, he is indeed shyer and more sensitive. Compared to others, the Leo guy is the warmest and most loving on the zodiac wheel.As a lover, Leo man is romantic and sensual, with a powerful sex drive.Since he enjoys all the finer things in life, he will surely wine and dine you when you two are dating.

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