Friends email to email contact dating

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You can play this prank on an office colleague and wait and watch the action live!

This is another good prank you can play on a friend or a colleague.

To carry out this prank, you will need access to a colleague's computer.

Once you get access, open the MS Word application, go to tools, and replace a few of the auto correct options.

Also, try never to play pranks that can get you or anyone else in serious trouble, or that are illegal.

Here are some of the best email pranks you can play on your friends, colleagues, or family members.

In this prank, you play the part of an agency that the victim hates, and send a confirmation mail saying that the victim has been successfully registered to that agency.

As with the other pranks, make sure you confess before actual damage is done, like the victim sending an email with the new signature to their boss.

In this prank, you play the part of a recruitment agency, that sends the victim an email informing him about a job.

The easiest way to make this prank successful is playing it on someone you know is looking for a job.

Now, the key to making this prank successful lies in making the competition seem real, and avoid sounding like spam.

Try and pick a contest which you think would interest the victim.

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