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The online Latino and hispanohablante community is alive and thriving.Whether you're looking to meet friends or looking for an online romance, there is a spot for you online.Whether you're looking to practice your Spanish or you would like to chat online in your native tongue, free, Spanish-language chat rooms can be a lot of fun.

What may appeal to many though, is that if you are looking for love within your own Latino community - this is the place to go.As the name implies, Espanglish chat is for English-speakers looking to hone Spanish skills and Spanish-speakers looking to hone English skills.People who are very familiar with the online chat scene will likely find this chat room to be somewhat primitive in appearance.Because of the bilingual nature (you'll find everything in both English and Spanish), it's not the ideal 'immersion experience.' However, if you're looking for a place to meet a few friends with whom you can practice and you don't care about frills, this is an ideal little corner of the web.Be a foreign exchange student without ever leaving your living room.

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