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Discord is not only useful for gamers, but also for friends setting up Game of Thrones viewing nights across coasts or sub-Reddit fans seeking to discuss the latest conspiracy theory.By singularly focusing on the social gaming community, Discord delivered in world class quality.It is this community that keeps Discord users coming back daily and inviting their friends often.Truly, this is the mark of any great product; Discord changes the lives of its users for the better. By now I’m sure you agree Discord is a phenomenal chat app with awesome design and user acquisition funnel.Up to that point, I had never heard of Discord before.

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After a year of growth, by the end of 2016, Discord quietly reached 25 million users and 100 million daily messages.But what are the roadblocks that detract from the product’s success?Discord is gobbling up the gaming community as the de-facto chat app, but this product is also well on its way to reaching the greater consumer community.What makes Discord such a great product that it can threaten incumbents like Skype and Teamspeak?In Summer 2015, Founder Jason Citron set out to create the best possible chat program for gamers. On mobile, gamers defaulted to Line and Whats App while desktop users generally used Skype or Teamspeak.

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