Forefront client security not updating definitions wsus dating before getting engaged

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So now that we have created the packages to update every 8 hours (since the FEP definitions are released 3 times a a side note, no, I don't know the time of day they are released, I have a pending question on that, so for now, just do it 3 times a day), now we need to target an advertisement to a collection, however we have an issue.We basically have 3 definition types, we have a full update which is about 65MB in size (as of this writing) and we have a delta update which is about 3MB in size (as of this writing) as well as a NIS full definition update which is also about 3MB in size.I'm still trying to track down a link to download these files, and when I do, I'll make sure to post an update here.So now that we know the files we're dealing with, let's put this together.These DCM rules will allow us to populate collections dynamically based on the dates of their definition files.

More information about the definition files can be found at: One thing to keep in mind about the definition files is that these files can be downloaded manually EXCEPT for the Binary Delta Definition files.So how can we leverage our DPs if the above three options don't allow us to do so?The way we accomplish this is rather simple: For each of these files, there is an x86 and x64 file, so 8 total files available.As you are probably aware by now, Forefront Endpoint Protection 2010 (FEP 2010) integrates with SCCM to provide you with one console to manage your entire environment, leveraging your SCCM infrastructure to help deploy anti-malware protection.One of the problems we have with SCCM is the ability to leverage the Software Updates capabilities automatically.

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