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If your answer to each question is yes, enter the relationship and explore its full potential.She could be ‘the one.’ Writing her off without getting to know her just because she has kids could be the biggest mistake you’ll make in life.“I’ve been married twice and had a son in my first marriage – who is now 27 – and in between the two marriages I did date a woman with a son but I felt like she wanted me to become a father-figure to this child,” he says.“It raised lots of complex feelings: I felt guilty to be spending more time with her and her son than my own and I didn’t like the idea of stepping on someone else’s toes as his biological father was still very much around.” While Jonathan wouldn’t mind if a potential partner had grown-up children, provided they were no longer at home and doing their own thing, “young ones are definitely out.” “I don’t want to be part of a family unit and splashing out on days out together. I’m feeling selfish and not dating women with children is part of that.” There are two million single parents in the UK and 91 per cent of them women.Don’t expect to be the knight in shining armor who charges in to save the day by fixing the sink.She probably knows how to do it herself, and she won’t welcome your interference.A single mom wants a relationship, but she doesn’t necessarily want the burden of having to be committed full-time. Single moms come with an inevitable carousel of baggage. You need to be sure that you are willing to be part of the healing process. When a single mom is co-parenting, her ex features larger than life. You may feel that he’s a third party in your relationship.

Children can be a complicating factor, or they can add to a relationship. If you’re looking to date a woman with a proven track record of maturity, a single mom fits the bill.“Finding love is hard enough as it so to narrow the pool even further is a mistake,” he says. If they’re not mine, I haven’t brought them up and I’m not mentally prepared to cope with that kind of responsibility.” “I might also feel reluctant to spend my hard-earned money on them.“Yes, dating a single mother adds an extra potential complication but it’s not a total deal breaker.” Paul Dakers feels very differently. "It is getting harder at my age now to meet women without kids and I know it narrows down the numbers but I’m trying to stay hopeful.” Dan Mower is another good example.She has too many responsibilities that keep her firmly grounded. It is almost a given that she is in search of a serious relationship.She wants to get to know you and assess whether you are relationship material before introducing you to her kids.

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