Excel run macro without updating screen

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After you install your digital certificate, you can sign files and macro projects.

Obtaining a digital certificate for signing You can obtain a digital certificate from a commercial certificate authority (CA), or from your internal security administrator or information technology (IT) professional.

Well, when you run VBA code in Excel, you will notice that the screen flickerseach time an action is performed.

Christian Mark - you just beat me to it but as a fellow Celt any chance you could help me out with a fairly tricky problem ??The following list summarizes the various macro security settings.Under all settings, if antivirus software that works with Microsoft Office is installed and the workbook contains macros, the workbook is scanned for known viruses before it is opened.This level requires the acceptance of a certificate of trust for each executable, which is accepted by adding the certificate to a segment of the computer’s Windows registry.Subsequent requests to run a macro from a trusted source are automatically accepted (the executable runs without prompting the user).

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