Event viewer not updating

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While switching to ETL files has allowed Microsoft to reduce the disk load and not impact disk I/O or operating system performance, this method makes it harder for users to easily read the log.

To make matters worse, these *files are cached, so their contents doesn't become available instantly. To overcome it and make the Windows Update log readable, Windows 10 provides two methods to read the log.

I do not want to debug the service since it is a painful process. The messages need to be read by the service and written to a database.

This certainly sounds as if the account that your windows service is running under doesn't have enough rights to write to the event log in question.

I have a windows service listening to messages from a queue but the messages are not read from the queue.

I created an event log to check for logs during service startup and shutdown but the logs are not written.

In Biz Talk360, the administrator can configure alerts for a particular event log/source(s) by defining a filter condition on the available event logs and request to be notified, when there are more than a specific number of alerts/warnings from the server.

For instance, you can customize the alert in such a way that you must be notified when there has been a sequence of start/stops of the host instances in the past 30 minutes.

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To prevent overwrites, you can increase the maximum size of the event logs and set retention method for these logs to “Overwrite events as needed”.Without being alerted, you may not know the frequent start/stops of the host instances and this could impact the performance of the environment or be a sign of other problems in the environment.The administrators can set up monitoring for the event log by defining their filter conditions on the event logs available in the server.This refers to the following event logs: To read about event log settings recommended by Microsoft, refer to this article.The procedure below provides a possible way to specify the event log settings manually.

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