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With the foreseeable future in a country regularly dubbed superficial, does she worry about having to conform to America's standardised vision of beauty? "I will only put more pressure on myself to be just as different as I am now. I've been trying to get them since I was 20 and the real reason I got them is because I figured that I'd be 30 soon and should get it over and done with.

I use the fact that I'm different to my advantage and the Americans love it and appreciate it." Earlier this year, speculation was rife that Estelle, suddenly sporting braces on her teeth, was the result of orders from her record company. At the end of the day, it can only help my career, and people who know me should know better."With all of the rumours aside, Estelle admits that America has been a positive vehicle in her career and has not taken anything away from her individuality."I'll turn up to events in America and everyone will be dressed to the nines looking like it's their Sweet 16.

Regarding diet, he generally eats chicken salad during lunch.

The gym buddy also shared his pre-workout meal at Twitter.

In 2007, he debuted with the short film The Sunday Man for his role as Bully.

In 2008, Dylan guest appeared in just one episode of sketch comedy television series MADtv as Tyler.

"I can't let the world know my business, although I can say that it's fun!

I've actually started paying a bit more attention now because the year is winding down.

"And for American Boy to blow up the way it did across the world, I never could have imagined that!

I'll be there in my jeans and my riding boots and people will be like, "You have the freshest outfit on! " I'm not about doing something for the sake of it and you'll see that with what I come out with in 2009."Shine is out now on Atlantic Records.

The Voice, Britain's number one black newspaper, is a subsidiary of The Gleaner Company Limited.

Despite her hectic schedule, Brit babe Estelle has found time for fellas.

This past year has been nothing short of a defining one for the west London songstress.

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