Erin burnett dating donald trump

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“You’re back,” O’Reilly said, welcoming Trump to , to which Trump responded he’d always found O’Reilly to be fair.

The boycott was a non-topic during the interview, except in that O’Reilly kept asking Trump if he thought the questions he was asking were fair.

GINA LOUDON, MEMBER OF PRESIDENT TRUMP'S 2020 RE-ELECT ADVISORY COUNCIL: You know, what disappoints me is the division and the fact that we're having to count people based on their skin color, I don't like that. The problem is when you have someone come out, and defend the president or even say they want to sit down and have a conversation with him, for example, Kanye West, they're completely annihilated in the press. So, I think if we could focus on the fact that we would like to build on that and work on it together, I know the administration is open to that.

And I know -- I talked to some of my friends in the White House tonight, and they said, yes, they would love more diversity in the White House. There's great news coming out about small business leaders, many of them are minorities. For you to have to say, right, that we don't necessarily need diversity in this White House. (CROSSTALK) RYE: You're going to keep talking over me.

The two men also discussed Obama’s frosty UN meeting with Russia President Vladimir Putin.

O’Reilly asked Trump if it was “fair to say that in order for you to win the Republican nomination that you’re going to have to change your style and be a bit kinder, and more mature,” playing a clip of Trump calling fellow GOP White House hopeful Marco Rubio a “clown.” Fox News Chairman & CEO Roger Ailes and Trump spoke last week after Trump launched his latest Twitter tirade against the cable news network on which he once was a frequent guest, savaging FNC for its coverage of him and his presidential race.

Their accounts describe a wide-range of inappropriate behaviour from groping, sexual assault and even rape.

Trump denied all allegations, and even vowed to sue the women.

They cited a 1997 supreme court ruling while arguing the lawsuit should be barred as it could distract the president from performing his public duties.If a ruling was given in his favour - despite the Supreme Court previously finding that presidents are not immune from civil litigation while in office - it would have huge ramifications for the many lawsuits which are currently filed against him.Although Trump once said he would sue his accusers, if he did, it would be an expensive and time consuming process.SEVERAL have accused Donald Trump of sexual assault and sexually inappropriate behaviour in accounts dating back to the 1980s.Three of his accusers took to a popular US daytime talk show on in December calling for an inquiry to be launched. After Trump was heard discussing women in lewd terms with US TV show host Billy Bush in a recording later released in October 2016, at least 19 women came forward to share their alleged ordeals with the public.

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