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Stoltz has starred in more than a half-dozen low-budget shorts directed by up-and-coming filmmakers, which is a lot for an actor of his stature.

For example, he played an afterlife interrogator curiously named Mr.

Obviously, Stoltz has stayed busy since that bygone decade, and there's definitely a generation of film fans who identify him with his '90s movies just as readily as his '80s hits.

Still, the fact that he hasn't had a major hit or signature part since then can't help but leave him stuck in time to a certain extent.

She didn’t have the right body to support her career as a ballet dancer so she changed her focus towards acting.

Thomson is active in the acting industry since 1980.

They all lived in the Starlight Motel sharing the same room with all her siblings.

His familiar face occasionally pops up in a guest role on TV dramas like It's not that Eric Stoltz isn't acting in movies anymore, it's just that he's acting in very small movies that the casual moviegoer probably didn't see unless they go to a lot of film festivals or actively seek these things out in the deepest depths of Netflix.

Things went bad again in the family when her parents decided to divorce and they had to live with her alcoholic mother.

She learned Ballet and danced professionally winning a scholarship to the American Ballet Theater, The San Francisco Ballet, and Pennsylvania Ballet.

Stoltz in are ample proof of his wide-ranging dramatic chops.

But whatever the reasons, losing out on a blockbuster gig can't help but look like a career setback, and in some Hollywood circles, this might have registered at the time as a major blemish on his otherwise promising résumé. To many people, Stoltz (like "Brat Packers" Judd Nelson or Molly Ringwald) became forever associated with certain roles and certain movies — he'll always be Rocky Dennis or Keith Nelson.

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