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Regardless if the brand is a large corporation or an individual hand maker, this post aims to list them all.

Mass produced drum set brands such as PDP and Mapex, custom Brady sets and even electronic drum set brands are all represented here.

Drums have a history dating back over 2500 years, being used as a means of communication in Africa and Sri Lanka.

The snare drum holds tradition in the military dating back to 684BC.

The Slingerland Drum Experts is not associated with the Slingerland Drum Company or The Gibson Company.

They were used to keep marching cadence and also to call out orders.

Modern drum sets spawned when Ludwig created the first spring driven bass drum pedal in 1909.

We will be posting sets for sale very soon on our Facebook site.

If you have any drums from the 60's or 70's you're looking to sell, please fill out the form below. Please note, we are not affiliated with the Ludwig Drum Company.

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