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The award winning market boasts more character, charm and stalls than what you could imagine.It will be a great place to take your date because you’ll both have so much to look at and with food stalls by the plenty you can grab some delicious street food together before continuing to explore this wonderful marketplace!The is the main venue for arts and entertainment in Northampton.There’s everything from stand up comedy to classical music.There’s often events and festivals that take place here so be sure to check before your date!Image Source Learn something new together on a casual day date to break the ice.From Mexican food to bread baking to lobster, this cooking school has a variety of classes where you can get your hands dirty, and then enjoy the fruits of your labor afterwards. The intimate tour will take you to the incredible sites where the series was shot.

This is a great place for a first date as it breaks the ice and gives you something to talk about over drink after the performance.Within the park there’s also Delapre Abbey, which is being restored by the local council.You can find out how the abbey and grounds have played a large part in Northampton’s history for the past 900 years.Ironstone Railway This one-and-a-half mile stretch of heritage railway is a great way to spend a very relaxed day out.Three steam trains and a number of diesel locomotives run on the line. Double your chances and give Date Northamptonshire Singles a try for free today. If you’re tired of the drama, stress and boredom that comes along with serious relationships and you want to enjoy the Northamptonshire Sex scene, then there are plenty of people out there for you.

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