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Prenter is seen manoeuvring a £4m solo recording deal for Mercury, which further angers Queen stars Brian May, Roger Taylor and John Deacon.

In the film Prenter is eventually sacked by Mercury and the reason given is that he didn’t pass on a message to him about the offer from Bob Geldof for Queen to star in the 1985 Live Aid charity gig at Wembley.

They all have a breathtaking view overlooking the sea.

You can also step back in time to enjoy a day at the Ohio Renaissance Festival.In the actual interview Prenter claimed that his former boss had slept with hundreds of men and said it was because he was terrified of sleeping alone.Prenter said Mercury lavished expensive gifts on his lovers — diamonds, cars and money.An extensive range of exotic beverages is available at the outdoor bar to complement snacks and pastries.Fuego Contemporary Mexican and Sammach with assorted specialties are about 150 meters away.

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