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I have done the research I could on the forums though.-Thanks for your help: Drummerdude1099 (Gabe) Welcome Gabe, Are you sure those rack toms aren't 10x8, and 12x9 and 14x11?I may have been measuring wrong, because I found a Pearl catalog from which drums like these would have been ordered, and there were no half inch depth options.Are you supposed to measure from the top of the rim? I'll also measure again, because I may have read the ruler wrong (stupid mistake LOL). I love Vintage Sunburst and your kit looks really fine.Pearl never made half sizes unless the previous owner had really deep shells and cut them down.That would be the only way you would have half sizes to my knowledge. The BRX shells are killin' when it comes to sound and appearance. Serial numbers on those shells won't tell us anything about the age I don't think.Station Casinos Inc.'s partner in the Green Valley Ranch hotel-casino filed a motion in bankruptcy court Thursday charging Station has breached its management duties under the joint-venture partnership agreement by diverting business to Station's wholly-owned properties.

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I don't have a matching a snare (want one quite badly though), so I use a Pearl Sensitone.

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EDIT via Doc_Glock: 2009 MHP Masters Mahogany LE 4 ply African Mahogany with 4 ply maple reinforcement rings.

In 2010, Masters MCX is still available, offering superior Masters quality and sound at incredibly affordable prices. I got them new, and to this day I think it's the best sounding set of drums I've ever heard up close and in person.

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