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) the illegitimate son of a prominent government guy (wow - such originality, I swear! It can't be, cause he's, like, WAY too tall) - but, as soon as the country bumpkin arrived, forget it - Ken Doll? I don't see no Ken doll next to all this shiny brightness!!) Yes, I liked him AND his bod, face, and eyes (even if I did, keep getting a strange ... At least he'd be able to play a roll alongside Oh Ji ho as his Dong saeng and make it believable, eh?I liked it for the 'escapism' aspect that helped to transport me into another realm for a few hours.I know this isn't about drama, movies, or even music ~ but, it's been awhile since anything out of the fashion industry has had this type of an impact on me. (2011) Mercedes Benz Fashion Week (New York) for the Spring 2012 Collections 2011 Korean Drama about aspiring high school students that audition for and are then selected to attend Kirin Performing Arts.

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Now, to show that there is some evil plan going on inside the Saberling, the largest manufacturer of home appliances and electronics in the world (in the fictional world, of course), part of the group for an unauthorized happy feet 1 mission.I actually hoped he'd re-appear somewhere down the road.Okay, so then there's this totally HOT dude who acts all hard-ass and cool, but he's actually (dare I say it?THEY POKED FUN AT PEOPLE LIKE ME WHO HATE, ABHOR, AND DETEST POP MUSIC! Actually enjoyed all the dancing, - but, I'm confused.How can Korean chicks walk around thinking they're all pure, delicate, and refined when they learn how to 'pole' dance by age 10?

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