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Oadby is a small town in Leicestershire, three miles south east of Leicester city centre.

The town is famous for Leicester Racecourse, situated on the border between Oadby and Stoneygate, and the University of Leicester Botanical Garden.

There has been a habitation in Oadby since an Anglian settlement in the early Anglo-Saxon period.

Though the name Oadby is Danish (meaning "Outi's dwelling") it must have existed long before the Danish invasions as is shown by the existence of a pagan Anglian cemetery. Danish rule continued until 920, when King Alfred the Great won his battles against the Danes: the Oadby area is supposed to be the site of at least one of these battles.

Stoughton Road in Oadby contains 2 sets of houses of historical interest.

Some of the Framework Knitters Homes date back to 1909, while the North Memorial Homes, financed by Sir Jonathan North (former Mayor of Leicester) were built in 1927 and opened in the same year by the Prince of Wales.

The main A6 dual carriageway passes through the town, bypassing the commercial centre.

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The Borough of Oadby and Wigston is twinned with Maromme in France, and Norderstedt in Germany.Many residential developments have been constructed meaning the population in 2011 reached 23,849.Oadby today is predominantly a residential area for families.Oadby remained a small settlement until the late 19th century when it became a fashionable suburb for the businessmen of Leicester, such as the factory-owners of Leicester's shoe and stocking manufacturers.Many substantial houses were built in Oadby, some of which are now used by the University of Leicester.

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