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One of my most amusing discoveries that day was the argument that when forensic anthropologists identify someone’s race from nothing but a skeleton, all they’re really identifying is the region the person’s ancestors came from, which is totally different.

I later learned that, if given a collection of DNA samples, scientists can predict the racial self-identifications of the people the samples come from with nearly 100 percent accuracy.

Are the precise boundaries we draw between racial categories subjective? But even our casual classifications strongly reflect ancestry, and people with different ancestries have recognizably different genetic profiles. featured a long diatribe against that evil pseudoscientist Charles Murray, which naturally piqued my interest.

As did the fellow student who denounced a controversial race-and-IQ-focused blogger in a journalism-class discussion, leading me straight to Google after . And on the underlying scientific issue here, I came to the same conclusion Mc Whorter does: The evidence doesn’t justify a verdict one way or the other.

See, for example, my 2013 essay in this space about Jason Richwine’s departure from the Heritage Foundation, as well as my Real Clear reviews of Nicholas Wade’s (on its 20th anniversary). Back when we were dating in college — and she was a self-described socialist, and I thought democratizing Iraq sounded like a fantastic idea — she insisted I take a class offered by the sociology department called “Social Inequality.” It would open my mind.

Regarding (a), it’s certainly true that if three different people had taken Mc Whorter’s advice and simply steered clear of the issue — my sociology professor, Eric Alterman, and my classmate — I might never have become so intrigued.

I read Mc Whorter’s essay with special interest because I have violated the norm he proposes.

I have written about race and IQ on numerous occasions — and for a general audience, as I am not even a specialist myself.

I think we should be intellectually prepared for the possibility that this line of work won’t turn out the way we want.

As I said, I’m not at all convinced that there is a genetic component to the black–white IQ gap.

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