Dating people from church

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You shouldn’t be ashamed of your reason to go to church because you want to meet other believers.

That’s only natural and besides, you really want to meet women in church anyway so why keep it from other people?

In other words "she cheated on him" isn't in itself enough to annul a marriage.

But "she had no intention of being faithful when she got married" would be.

It isn't about looking at what happened after the marriage took place, except to the extent that it may give evidence as to an ongoing condition that would have been present at the time of the marriage.Look for different ways for you to be able to meet women in the church.You should look out for social interactions and opportunities that allow you to meet anyone in order to branch out your connections.What if they're standing on the altar saying the words, but inside they're thinking, "But we're really not going to have kids" or "If this doesn't work out, we can always get divorced and then I'll find someone else" or "Well, sure, you'll be my "? Or conversely, what if they're both committing to those three things, but one of them isn't psychologically healthy enough to sufficiently understand such a commitment?Or what if one of them is withholding crucial information that, if the other party knew, he or she wouldn't be up there making the commitment? The Church is saying that, in these situations, a true marital union was never formed, because the parties either weren't committing or weren't able to commit to a real authentic marriage.

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