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After I came back down to earth, I realized we were completely incompatible!– Susan | Los Angeles is called “the Fantasy Suite.” The entire premise the show is built upon is a fantasy: candlelit dinners in Paris atop the Eiffel Tower with the man of your dreams…who you just met weeks ago!(And who, by the way, is dating 20 other women.) The most recent Bachelor, Arie Luyendyk, spoke of his experience while filming the show: It’s hard because I have these great dates, you know, with Becca (Kufrin) for example…and I was like, ‘OK, I could see her at the end of all this’…And then I had a date with Bekah M.In order to experience attraction, and not let it ruin our odds of making a good match, we need to understand the three stages of falling in love: infatuation, bonding, and familiarity.Infatuation is that first rush of excitement you get when you feel chemical attraction to someone new. You don’t really know much about this person, but that is of little importance because your brain automatically fills in the details: they are, it’s also based on the cumulative experiences you’ve share with them (fueling your need for more, more, more!

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But once he was away from the lights, cameras, and excitement of romantic dates around the world, he realized that he had made a big mistake.

One of the questions I get asked most frequently by my clients is how soon they should…

(have sex, say the “L” word, share about a personal struggle, etc.) The thing that all these questions have in common is that they are the markers of a certain stage of intimacy in a relationship.

I was instantly smitten and the feeling was mutual.

Our date lasted 12 hours, then he asked if he could whisk me away for the weekend. After our romantic getaway, we were talking about wedding rings by Monday.

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