Dating new york woman

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If you’re looking for a serious relationship and finding that too many of the guys you are attracting are just out to have casual fun, you need to take a hard look at who you are drawn to and where you are meeting them.

Whenever you are experiencing the same outcome over and over, there is surely a pattern that starts with you.

However, there is a whole set of norms that exist in a fast-paced, densely populated, transient city such as New York.

Remember, being “hard”, stubborn, stuck in your ways, not opening your heart and masking your human vulnerability will not open the doors to create a deep intimate bond with anyone.

This can result in women feeling jaded or apathetic, and becoming defensive and hardened as a coping strategy.

Once you start closing your heart in fear of disappointment, you block out the opportunity to create loving and beautiful connections, essentially – you get in your own way.

There appears to be an abundance of highly successful, go-getting, independent women in New York, who although on paper look like the perfect catch, can’t seem to find a suitable life partner.

Often, these women operate with their masculine energy in their corporate life, and due to repetition and habit, do not hone in to their feminine energy in their personal lives.

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