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Table 2-1 explains the behavior of a number of characters that may have special meaning within a character class, as well as how to include them literally in a class when you want to.matches every lowercase letter, and strictly speaking there is not even a guarantee that it matches only lowercase letters.A hyphen can easily be included in a class by specifying it as the last character of the class, with no following character.

The following self-contained script performs matching tests of a number of words against a pattern: $ ./pattern '*' 'hello' Matching against '*': hello: Match.

$ ./pattern 'hello*' 'hello' 'hello, there' 'well, hello' Matching against 'hello*': hello: Match. well, hello: No match.) is subject to globbing (sometimes called file name expansion), where the shell replaces such words with any files with names matching the pattern.

This can produce misleading results for tests like this.

consists of sequences of nonblank characters separated by blanks,” or possibly some wonderful cookie recipes. Instead, there are some characters in a pattern that have special meaning and can match something other than themselves.

Characters that have special meaning in a pattern are called wildcards or metacharacters.

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