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You can hold a 16 year old girl by the back of the head by her hair and put a gun to her head just imagine the power of life and death you have.My father loves to be the hero to other people, I was in marching band in high school, and there were kids that didn't have parents come to the competitions or got sick or something and didn't have a parent there, well my father was there to be parent to everyone.There are probably a lot more grownups on SG anyway. Add a little spice to the support/info deal.....could be hoser therapy!!!!"Hoser" should be part of the dating site's name!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Everyone told me what a great dad I had and I would see him comforting these teenage girls who were crying or whatever and he just loved being the hero but at home he was all together different and especially when he had his guns out.So please, I hope other people see this and really look at it and don't say that he would have used other things to intimidate or abuse because he didn't.He didn't use a knife, he never beat me, he CHOSE to use a gun because that was what he was about. I don't know how many guns he has now but I guarantee its enough to arm a small country and he has some pretty serious big weapons. I think he has an AK 47 among other assault rifles.My father has guns of all sizes, he never leaves the house without one.

LOL Also, Carol, why do you NOT consider apnea a chronic disease? The empty wine cooler in the bottom corner is a little Ilete I would like to see what you would put in your profile on the dating site. There is, however a third group of ladies, those that both, take shooting seriously, but would also be happy to meet a gun guy they could call their own.I think either Bloomberg’s people, Soros’ people, or the White House, possibly all three, must be pushing women’s magazines to do pieces to turn women off of guns.Some women have discovered that yes, the range is a great place to meet men.Other women feel that because they are serious about shooting, they will not mix flirting and firearms.

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