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I've just spent the past couple hours reading through topics and threads on here, just diving in and admiring that there is a place for discussion regarding Karen and Richard Carpenter.

There used to be, in separate parts, the full episode of Karen and Richard Carpenter on the Dating Game TV Show from 1970 up on You Tube.

And for more wild Tinseltown trivia, check out these 20 Celeb Friendships You Never Could’ve Predicted.

, and you might just come across an episode starring Steve Martin.

And you can tell that host Drew Carey thought: "Nah, no chance you just happened to know that, son," and conspiracy theories arose. It turns out that Kniess loved patterns almost as much as Michael Larson.

He and his wife Linda studied the show for four months, and they realised that nearly every prize on the show had been repeated over and over. Not only was Kniess lucky enough to make it onto the final round in the first place, but he used his studies to predict that the retail price of his showcase would be around ,000.

(We’d wager his at-the-time dashing looks didn’t hurt, either.) giving himself the nickname “Mean” Mc Lean.

Mindless fluff, but at least it is better than "Blind Date".Anybody who could help, I would be forever grateful.Thanks so much in advance and keep listening to great, timeless music!And so, for the last three digits he simply used his wedding date (April 7) and his wife's birth month (March), making it ,743. I'm having an issue locating some footage I have seen in the past and wanted to reach out here and see if any member of this board could help point me in the right direction.

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