Dating for parents of special needs children

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Call or write the director of special education or the principal of your child’s school.

Describe your concerns with your child’s educational performance and request an evaluation under IDEA, to see if a disability is involved.

The public school may also be concerned about how your child is learning and developing.

If the school thinks that your child may have a disability, then it .

That’s why it’s important to know what your state and local policies are.

We’ll tell you how to find out that information in this article.

More than 6.8 million children ages 3 through 21 receive special education and related services each year in the United States.

Each of these children receives instruction that is specially designed: Back to top Children with disabilities are eligible for special education and related services when they meet IDEA’s definition of a “child with a disability” in combination with state and local policies.

The school must evaluate your child in all the areas where your child may be affected by the possible disability.

In this case, the school may refuse to evaluate your child.

It must let you know this decision in writing, as well as why it has refused. (For more information about prior written notice, see Q&A on Parent Participation, available online at: https:// If the school refuses to evaluate your child, there are two things you can do immediately: Ask the school system for information about its special education policies, as well as parent rights to disagree with decisions made by the school system.

These materials should describe the steps parents can take to appeal a school system’s decision.

Get in touch with your state’s Parent Training and Information (PTI) center.

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