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A background in the Forensic Field is not always necessary, nor is a degree or even A levels (in some forces).Previous work in the Public sector or dealing empathetically with the public will help.I hadn't realised until then that I was eligible to apply, so I spent the next few years working diligently, getting promoted, leaning to drive, researching the job (easier to do when you have a foot in the door) and just applying for every SOCO post going until they finally caved in.Nowadays it not so easy to get into, what with it suddenly being a popular job and that some Universities and colleges now run degrees/courses.My grandmother had a catalba tree behind her house, near the back door.I always called it the bean tree, and didn't actually know it's name until I re-read Prodigal Summer by Barabra Kingslover this month.But at the same time, he was highly supportive of teachers and doctors and craftsmen, to the extent that he did not even tax them!I wasn't able to wrap my head around the kind of person that he was - did he suffer from MPD?

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I always get asked how I got into this Job, the short answer is 'Luck! I was working in the Admin department down my Local Station a year or so after the force started 'Civilianising' SOCO posts.All the training will be provided if you get a job.3. Some forces employ Volume Crime Scene Examiners or Vehicle Examiners, this is possibly the best way to get into the job as you will learn the fundamental skills required to become a CSI.If this fails apply for job within your local police force (in any field) and work you way from the inside.My ahas:-- When we plan towards a goal, we plan for small wins along the way.When the Khan strategizes, his plans involve subjecting himself to small losses or discomfort along the way.- Family and friends and life's experiences teach us certain principles and we follow these principles in our everyday life as we work towards our goals. The difference between good and great seems so small, but yet so large.

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